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A spring of eight turns in steel wire of 3 mm. is threaded on to the tube and capped by a washer next to the wheel. A sleeve is fixed level with the
end of the axle by a 6-mm.bolt.
This bolt goes through the little tube, which is 6 mm. high and 10 mm. in diameter, under the washer. This tube serfes as an axis for the metal strap, to which one will attach the turnbuckle of the rudder cable.
    All this mechanism may seem to you most complicated. It is clearly much more so than a simple wood skid fixed by two bolts, but how often would you break that ?
    With wheels like these you will not worry about crosswind take offs, and will take off correctly every time. You can avoid obstacles on the ground, and you can steer yourselves amongst the spectators who seem firmly rooted to it. That is the fruit of my experience, believe me. Sacrifice two days to realise this arrangement, which altogether weighs 2.5 kilos.
    The hand grip in steel rod of 6mm. bolted to the left-hand side of the stern post will enable you to lift the tail about without sticking your fingers into the covering of the rear wing or rudder.

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