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The Rear Wheel

For the rear wheel 1 have selected one of the quickly detachable wheels with knock   through spindle as fitted to the Norton and Rudge - Whitworth motor cycles; thus, in the case, of a puncture in the rear tyre, the rear, wheel can easily be removed by   uncoupling the rear chain and knocking out the spindle. The rear members which carry the front wheel are made of wood ; if you are a skilled metal-worker you will, of course, braze up a pair of rear  forks. But wood is quite satisfactory, and easy to work. I am aware that some of the methods  employed in this car are not those used by car manufacturers, but I have had in mind all the time the amateur who has only a few tools. The methods I have employed I have found from experience to be quite satisfactory.
For the rear suspension I have used tension springs. These can be purchased locally, and springs of the type used in the front forks of motor cycles will suit. It will be noted that as the rear members are not pivoted on a centre coinciding with the centre of the gearbox sprocket a jockey sprocket must be fitted to compensate for the varying chain tensions.

Radiator.jpg (60352 bytes)List of Materials
Several readers have asked for a list of materials, but it is obviously not possible to give this in complete  form because each reader will be using a different make of engine and gearbox. The drawings given this month, however, will enable each