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Chassis4.jpg (70128 bytes)This month I give an alternative arrangement consisting of a flat piece of 1/8-in. or 3/16-in. mild steel plate clamped to the rear forks by means of three bolts. Either method will suit. , The method given this month has the advantage that it shortens the amount of wood required. I show in
one of the photographs the rear suspension attached. It will be appreciated that metal ears will be required for the forward end of the spring to attach them to the spring anchorages and that at the rear suitable spacing tubes and washers will be necessary to enable the springs to take up varying angular positions as the suspension comes into play.
Chassis5.jpg (65380 bytes)
The Tracking Rod
Reverting now to the steering system and front axle, it will be observed that the two arms on the steering head are coupled by means of a track rod, each screwed end of which passes through an eye attached to each arm.  A drawing is given of these eyes. Steering is effected, as clearly shown in one of  the diagrams, by means of a coupling rod, which by push-and-pull motion imparted by the movement of the steering wheel, turns the wheels to each lock. This coupling rod has, of course, turned down ends which are either screwed and nutted or drilled for a washer and split pin. The turneddown ends will also need to be set to the requisite angle, that is to say,one end passes vertically through the steering arm on the steering head, and the other will need to be bent to coincide with

the angle of the arm on the end of the steering column.
The Steering Column
The latter, as shown in Fig. 7, passes through a hole in the wooden  member securing the two front ends of the main chassis members and has looking collar secured by a tapered hinge. The driver's end of the steering column will eventually he secured to the dash by means of the bracket provided, and will have a similar locking collar to prevent end movement of the steering column. The push-pull steering rod can be attached to either the near side or the off side steering arm.
The track rod should have a suffient length of screwed portion at each end to enable the wheels to be toed  in, that is to say, the distance between the wheels at the forward end should be about  3/16 in. less than the distance  between them at the rear. By means of the nuts on each side of the eye, this distance can be adjusted to a nicety.
Chassis6.jpg (58274 bytes)The Brake Pedals
  The three brake pedals are made from plate or can be purchased. They are secured to a, rod passing through the two main members and are spaced  means of pieces of tube passed over the rod. A detail of the method of fixing is given.