Page E4                     May 1936                 NEWNES PRACTICAL MECHANICS              445  

Chassis7.jpg (57235 bytes)The length of the steering column, which may be of 1-in. steel tube 20 gauge thickness, will depend upon your height. Before cutting it off  to length, sit in the chassis and estimate the length. The steering wheel may be purchased from Messrs. Bluemels, Ltd., Wolston, near Coventry, and should be at least 12 in. in diameter. Although I have arranged for central mounting of the steering wheel, there is no objection to mounting it to one side. This arrangement of the steering is simple, eliminates the need for elaborate fitting, and perfectly satisfactory.
In one of the illustrations 1 show the long U-bolt which connects the rear forks and keeps them in alignment. When this is attached and the rear spindle locked, the rear unit becomes a rigid structure.
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Engine and Number Plates
Those bolts which secure the engine and gearbox  rear suspension and rear forks should for preference be fixed with castellated nuts, and be drilled for split pins. This effectively prevents the nuts from working loose and hence obviates risks of lack of chain alignment.
A word about making the engine and other plates: chalk over the surface of the steel and copy the sizes from the diagrams and lightly centrepunch round the outline. Then drill a series of holes, breaking into one another outside this outline and file up to shape. Notice that you require two of each different shape of  plates. When drilling them, each pair should be clamped together so that the holes coincide. Drill a small clearing hole before putting the correct size of drill through, this makes for a more accurate hole and relieves the task of drilling.
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Ready-made Fittings
As I mentioned before, however, I can let readers have the name and address of manufacturers who will supply the various fittings; ready made.
The total cost of 20, which I set as the limit, is on the high side, and will permit a certain amount of work being placed out, although actually there is nothing which is beyond the skill of an amateur. I have arranged everything for simple construction without sacrificing strength or efficiency, and have had in mind, of course, the amateur as distinct from the professional.
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