Page E6                       May 1936                 NEWNES PRACTICAL MECHANICS              447   
Chassis11.jpg (75266 bytes)Place a little graphite grease in all of  the holes drilled in the wood. This will prevent rusting. The holes in the wooden part should be drilled of 1/64-in. larger diameter than the bolts and rods, otherwise the cling of the wood may tend to grip them and prevent them passing through.

Chassis Members
Use bits of the Forstner type, and drill the chassis members whilst they are clamped together to ensure all of the holes being in absolute alignment. It is a good plan to mark out the chassis members on the floor with chalk, marking the position of all the holes which are clearly shown in the diagrams and photographs, and then to transfer these to the two main chassis members. This will make for easy assembly and quick erection.
Use engineers' bolts with accurately cut threads ; these  may cost a little more, but they are well worth it.

Parts2.jpg (70356 bytes)Braking System
I shall not deal with the braking or system of control, but shall devote special drawings and descriptions of these in the next issue. It is sufficient to say that the normal type of accelerator pedal with the usual throttle stop is fitted, that the foot brake operates the rear wheel brake, and the hand brake operates the two front wheel brakes.  It is not necessary, contrary to what I stated in the first issue, that the brakes should be coupled. The gear lever consists of the lever and gate as fitted to the tank of a motorcycle and is mounted on the side of the chassis, as shown in one of the illustrations.

Chassis12.jpg (85295 bytes)The L Plate.

One or two readers have pointed out to me that as the official designation of a three-wheeler is that it is a motorcycle, it is unnecessary for a beginner to be accompanied by a skilled driver when the former is learning to drive, although he must, of course, fit the "L " plate if he did not hold a motor-cycle driving licence prior to April 1934. This is so, and 1 gladly draw attention to it.
Several other readers wonder how they are to apply for registration. This must be done through the offices of the nearest County Council, and it must be registered as a car of your own make under the heading " Make of Car." You must give all details of the colour, where the, car is garaged, and so on. Numbers will then be assigned to you which must be painted on according to the official regulations.
I shall give a drawing next month showing how to lay out the number plates.

The Driving Licence
If you are not old enough to, apply for a licence to drive any motor vehicle, apply for a licence to drive a motor- cycle, providing you are of  the age which entitles you to that. This will legally entitle you to drive a motorcycle or a three-wheeler. It must be remembered that it will be necessary under the Road Traffic Act to take out a third party insurance policy, which may be effected through any insurance company.