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Final Constructional Details. Previous Articles on this Fascinating and Easily Built Three-Wheeler Appeared in our Issues dated March, April, and May. Blueprints are now Available. The Designer, Mr. F. J. Camm, grants a Free licence to Every Reader to Build One
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SHOW this month photographs and drawings which will enable the reader to complete this fascinating little vehicle, of which many hundreds are being built from details in this journal. Before dealing with them I should like to dispose of a further batch of queries.  Firstly, regarding insurance. Several readers have asked whether there will be any difficulty about this. I have accordingly been in touch with several insurance companies, none of whom have any objection to insuring the car. Messrs. Premier Motor Policies tell me that they are prepared to issue a third-party insurance policy for 3 7s. 6d., and I  recommend readers to get into touch with them.

Chassis13.jpg (75636 bytes)Registration
An important point occurs regarding  registration. In the item on Form RFI, which must be filled in in order to obtain the necessary registration numbers, there is a line reading "maker's name." I  have been in touch with the London County Council on this point, and would inform readers they must enter the make, as " Camm." The registration figures assigned to my own car are CXR547, and if any reader should spot me on the road do not hesitate to stop me if you wish to ask any questions and inspect my vehicle. I expect in the near future, as time permits,to embark upon a series of timed runs, of which I shall disclose details in due course.
Many readers are asking where they can get fittings made, and 1 have accordingly arranged with several manufacturers for this to be done at nominal prices. I can let you have these addresses upon application if you will enclose a stamped and addressed envelope. You will appreciate, of course, that the price of the finished car may come out a little higher than 20, if you elect to have some of the parts made, although 20 is actually on the high side.

Number Plates
Regarding number plates, Messrs. Bluemel Bros., Ltd., of Wolston, Coventry, will supply special plates for this car. You require one model K and one model A plate. In, writing to them  you must, of course, state the  registration numbers assigned to your car.