PageF4             June 1936                    NEWNES PRACTICAL MECHANICS                        501
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These are known as upholsterer's plates and may be purchased from any ironmonger. In fixing the dash the curve should be cut carefully so that sufficient leg-room is left. This will vary with the individual. Notice that the stop collar at top of steering column is pinned to the latter, and that the lug acting as a guide and anchor for the column is secured to the dash by means of three bolts.

Parts7.jpg (43795 bytes)The Panelling
The photographs themselves are almost self -explanatory, and have been taken at various stages of construction. I do not think that any special difficulty will arise. The panelling is attached to the uprights and rails by means of panel pins, and the joints are obscured by half -round moulding. Note that the edges of the seat compartment are upholstered with a rolled edge. The door will need to be covered with three-ply and finally with a piece of the same material as the cushion and squab. A similar panel should be cut for the offside of the seat, compartment. A good method is to cut the panels, cover them with American cloth, and then to fix them.

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