Page F7         June 1936                     NEWNES PRACTICAL  MECHANICS                      504
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Coupling the Dynamo
Many readers have written asking how they can couple a dynamo to the engine. 1 had not originally planned for this, for the price limit of 20 does  not leave an adequate margin. If  you are able to purchase a dynamo complete with out-out fairly cheaply, this may be driven in the same way as on a motor-cycle either by means of a jockey sprocket fixed to the end of the dynamo shaft or by means of a separate drive from the gearbox. A simpler method is to use a combined magneto and generator such as those supplied by Messrs. B.T.H., Ltd., and Joseph Lucas, Ltd.  The M.L. Maglita is also ideally suited to the purposes of this small car. I have   made no provision for a headlamp. If you desire to fit one this should be fitted in the centre of the radiator immediately above the horn. A single headlamp should he quite adequate. The switch for the lamps will be fixed to the dush, and may consist of any switch capable of carrying a current of at least 8 amperes. An ordinary wireless type of switch is not suitable. The advance and retard lever can be fixed on the offside of the driver's seat, and the lead from the magneto to the sparking plug can be earthed by means of a simple on off switch which in the "off " position will earth the lead. It will be appreciated that for foot-control the carburettor must be set to a "tick- over" position, so that when the accelerator pedal is in the "off" position the engine  idles.
This is contrary to usual motorcycle practice where the throttle in the " off " position, will shut off the engine. The on/off switch, therefore, is a necessity with this car.

Engine2.jpg (84531 bytes)The Carburettor
If you are using a motor-cycle type of carburettor the air control should be converted into a choke by means of a suitable Bowden cable with a control knob fixed in the dashboard. This will provide a rich mixture for starting purposes, but for normal running should be in the " fully open " position. The Zenith Carburettor company supply an adaptor and specially cheap carburettor suitable for pedal control.
I presume that, you will have purchased the engine complete with magneto, and it will be correctly timed.